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What We Do

We use industry-leading planning tools to help you not only protect your family in good times and bad, but also develop a solid savings/investment plan so you can realize your retirement dreams.

Following are some of these instruments and their impact on our clients:

Life Insurance

We can assist you in determining the correct amount of coverage and type of policy that best suits your and your family’s needs.

Impact:  With proper planning, we have had clients and their families that had been able to stay in their same homes after the death of the main breadwinner.  This was due to sufficient life insurance coverage.  Their loved one had thought ahead and knew the family would be provided for, no matter what happened.  Life insurance can provide comfort in knowing your family is taken care of.

Retirement Planning

That nagging question on everyone’s mind—”Will I have enough money to retire?”  We offer retirement model calculations, using current inflation and reasonable rates of investment return, to project if you will be able to retire when and where you wish.  And we can help you implement strategies if you find you will fall short of your retirement income goals.  We offer IRAs, annuities and other retirement vehicles so that you can be comfortable with your investment choices.  We can also assist you in determining the types of benefits you qualify for and how to coordinate them all together.

Impact: We help our clients to make the best decisions for their given circumstances and explore all avaialble options.

Income Tax Planning

With the help of licenced tax professionals we can help assist you.  Neither Woodbury Financial Services, Inc. nor its representatives or employees provide legal or tax advice.

Business & Employee Benefit Planning

We can help you arrange pension & 401(k) plans, develop deferred compensation plans, provide group life and health benefits, and assist with buy-sell agreements.

Impact: Reduce corporate taxable profits as well as providing for the futures of your employees, who help keep your company running.

Estate Planning

Protect your family’s financial future by conserving your estate assets, using trusts effectively and minimizing estate taxes. We have worked with numerous clients and their attorneys to solve these problems.

Impact: Through the creation of certain types of trusts and deeds, some assets can be protected from creditors and passed on to children and grandchildren.

Resource Referral Service
We have a network of reputable businesses that can make your life easier and more enjoyable. We are confident that these organizations will meet or exceed your expectations. Some of the areas we can provide referrals to include: contractors, lawn care, tree service, landscaping, accounting, legal, and moving services.


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